China: 'tiger Putin' attacking livestock

China: 'tiger Putin' attacking livestock
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Tigers Putin threaten to fight China and Russia. Ustin, the animal that you see in these images is passed across the border along with Kusya, another Siberian tiger. They are part of a group of five specimens saved two years ago by Russian scientists and as it were adopted by Putin and released last May. Ustin and Kusya are making massacres of goats and chickens in China and are likely to open a diplomatic incident. This breeder has suffered two attacks in two days and lost 15 goats:

“I closed the shelter with the animals inside, but the tiger was able to get by breaking the wooden gate and killed all the goats.”

Putin, here with a puppy as a gift received in 2008 for his 56th birthday, has sponsored a project to protect Siberian tigers, of which there are now only 600 specimens in the wild worldwide.

The managers of the reserve in China which came the two tigers have announced that they have installed 60 infrared cameras to try to find them, and soon will be released cows and other animals to make sure they have enough food to survive.

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