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At euronews we believe in people’s intelligence and think that our duty is to give you the right amount of information so you can form your own opinion about the world. News is not a matter of having preconceptions.

The Media

euronews offers a unique perspective on world events. It empowers people to make up their own mind by delivering factual analysis and a diversity of viewpoints. Because all views matter, Euronews is "All Views".

Since its launch in 1993 from Lyon, France, euronews has been delivering trusted news and information in a non-partisan and in-depth way to TV audiences and digital users across the world in their language.

euronews 12 editions cover world news 24/7 in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Every day, euronews team of over 500 journalists of 30 different nationalities work together reporting on relevant stories to serve a global audience, driven by solid uncompromising journalism.

The concept has proven to be effective; euronews is the Number One European news channel, reaching more viewers in continental Europe than any of its rivals, in spite of the increasing competition*.

From Europe to the world, on television and on digital platforms around the world, euronews attracts a highly desirable audience, composed of curious open-minded leaders. euronews is a widely recognized brand reaching more than 430 million homes across 166 countries.

Because All Views matter

As a media with a strong multicultural DNA, Euronews is a unique bridge between diverse and diverging point of views. As a result, its coverage is naturally balanced, richer and more varied than any other international media.

Since May 2017, Euronews is the world's first Glocal news brand which means, the first global media that adapts its self to the expectation of its multiple local audience. euronews replaced its model that has been at the core of its offers since its inception by the launch of 12 distinct premium cross platforms editions. The different editions enable euronews to deliver tailored content that makes sense to each audience.

This transformation aims to reinforce its commitment to a European perspective on global affairs and fully realise Euronews ‘All Views’ editorial philosophy.

In response to a world of infobesity, Euronews strong belief is to empower audiences to forge their own opinion, by delivering all perspectives on stories.

euronews ‘All Views’ is also an answer to the reality of the challenges that Europe and the rest of the World are currently facing. Sharing contrasting ideas, opinions, diverse viewpoints and experts' analysis will fight demagogy and the so called ‘post-truth’ politics. That is the ultimate ‘All Views’ editorial mission.

And tomorrow…

In June 2017, NBC News and euronews announced their partnership.

NBC News acquired 25% of the company to make a significant financial investment in euronews to support expanded news coverage and programming. The company's TV and digital will ultimately be co-branded EuronewsNBC.

The coming together of the two big brands will see euronews access NBC’s newsgathering, digital content and programming expertise. Likewise, Euronews will provide news content and resources from Europe for use on NBC News and MSNBC programmes and platforms.

* Euronews is the most-watched international news channel; and worldwide, where it is used daily by 52 million TV viewers and digital consumers (source: Global Web Index, Q2 2016).


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In 2016, euronews launched its sister channel dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa. Africanews is the first pan-African multilingual and independent news outlet. From Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo, a team of 85 professional from 15 nationalities produce simultaneously in English and French up-to-the-minute news. Africanews adheres to the same editorial charter as its European sister channel. The charter is based on freedom of expression and editorial independence limited only by respect for the facts. To serve this purpose of independence, Africanews dedicates its antennas and platforms to the promotion of diversity. Africanews believes diversity is the cornerstone of credibility. Its newsroom is the home of journalists of multiple African nationalities, and conveys a wide diversity of African views. www.africanews.com