Il Segretario di Stato Rex Tillerson: "Mai pensato di dimettermi"

Rex Wayne Tillerson, Segretario di stato dell’amministrazione Trump, ha convocato i cronisti per un annuncio inaspettato. Il suo comunicato in diretta:

It comes after US Vice President Mike Pence and other top officials intervened to persuade Tillerson not to resign during the summer as tensions rose between President Trump and the nation’s top diplomat, NBC News reported on Wednesday.

In July, Pence met with Tillerson in an effort to ease growing discord over policy, NBC reported, citing 12 current and former senior administration officials and other people close to Trump.

Their meeting came days after Tillerson, in a session with Trump’s national security team and Cabinet officials at the Pentagon, openly criticized the president and reportedly called him a “moron,” NBC said, citing three officials familiar with the incident.
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