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A euronews, pensiamo che l’approccio sensazionalista dell’informazione in modo sistematico costituisca una forzatura e deformi il giudizio dei telespettatori sull’attualità mondiale.

A euronews, crediamo nell’intelligenza umana e siamo convinti che il ruolo di un canale d’informazione sia fornire ad ogni individuo materia sufficiente perché possa forgiarsi la propria opinione sul mondo.

Il lavoro giornalistico non è una questione di scelte, si tratta innanzitutto di ritrascrivere la realtà con assoluta obiettività, in tutta integrità. Ed è questa la battaglia che conduce euronews dalla sua creazione: fornire i fatti, null’altro che i fatti.

euronews, informazione pura.

The Channel

euronews is the leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. Launched in 1993, euronews today is a multi-lingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Ukrainian), multi-platform news service.

euronews on air, online, all the time

euronews offers programmes and interactive services on cable, satellite, terrestrial, IPTV and connected TV. In addition, euronews is available in hotels, on major airlines, airports and rail stations, internet, tablets and mobile phones (free live app on iPad, iPhone, Android and live on 26 mobile networks). The channel’s website,, provides around-the-clock news in 11 languages, live streaming and catch-up TV.


euronews has access to uniquely rich and varied information streams through the Eurovision Exchange, its shareholders and major press and TV news agencies. Access to this wide range of sources enables euronews’ team of over 370 journalists to compare, analyse and report with balance, maintaining impartiality and avoiding a national viewpoint.

Voice of the people

The continent accounts for 34 official languages, making effective communication from one source an issue. Eighty three percent of upmarket Europeans choose to watch news in their own language; therefore a multilingual news service is a necessity. euronews remains the only multilingual news channel broadcasting simultaneously in 11 languages to a global audience.

  1. euronews SA
  2. 21 shareholders Public broadcasters in alphabetical order: CT (Czech Republic), CyBC (Cyprus), ENTV(Algeria), ERT (Greece), ERTT (Tunisia), ERTU(Egypt), francetélévisions (France), NTU (Ukraine), PBS (Malta), RAI (Italy), RTBF (Belgium), RTE(Ireland), RTP (Portugal), RTR (Russia), RTVSLO(Slovenia), SNRT (Morocco), SSR (Switzerland), TRT (Turkey), TVR (Romania), TV4 (Sweden), YLE (Finland).

Download the euronews media-pack:

A vision for euronews:
Paolo Garimberti,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board:

company structure

Euronews’ Supervisory Board

Comprises 16 members: 6 individuals and 10 corporate entities

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mr Petr Fedorov
Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Other Board members

Mrs Stéphanie MARTIN (France)
Director of thematic channels at France Télévisions
Delegate Director to Secretary General at France Télévisons

Mr Ahmet KOYUNCU (Turkey)
Deputy Managing Director of TRT

Mr Philippe CAYLA
President of Euronews Development

Mr Pier Luigi MALESANI

Corporate entities

France Télévisions (France)Mr Yves ROLLAND
RTP (Portugal)Mr José LOPEZ de ARAUJO
RAI (Italy)Mr Stefano LUPPI
RTBF (Belgium)Mr Jacques BRIQUEMONT
RTR (Russia)Mr Evgeny BEKASOV
TRT (Turkey)Mr Mehmet Yilmaz KUCUK
RTE (Ireland)Mr Cillian de PAOR
SSR (Switzerland)Mr Gilles MARCHAND
SNRT (Morocco)Mr Mohammed AYAD

Euronews Executive Board

4 members

Mr Michael PETERS
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Lucian SÂRB
Director of News and Programmes
Mr Olivier de MONTCHENU
Sales Director
Mrs Cécile LEVEAUX
Chief Technical Officer

Euronews Executive Committee

Mr Michael PETERS

Mr Lucian SÂRB

Mr Olivier de MONTCHENU

Mrs Cécile LEVEAUX

Mr David CIPEL



Mr Damien MARCHI

Mr Grégory SAMAK

Chief Executive Officer/Director of the publication

Director of News and Programmes

Sales Director

Chief Technical Officer

Financial and Administration Director

Director of External Relations

Director of Worldwide Distribution

Director of Marketing Product & Innovation

World Director of Broadcasting and Programme Marketing

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