Migranti, Turchia, euro, ma anche Catalogna e velo islamico: tutte le risposte di #AskJuncker

Tre star di YouTube avranno l’occasione di rivolgere le loro domande al presidente della Commissione europea Jean-Claude Juncker su Euronews.

Sarà possibile seguire l’intervista in diretta su questa pagina giovedì 14 settembre alle 14.

The three creators, who have more than 1.3 million followers combined, are Diana zur Löwen, Abdel en Vrai and Kovy from Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic respectively. During the interview, each YouTuber will have 15 mins face-to-face with the President to ask the tough questions they, and their followers want answered. Populism, border control, Brexit, security, jobs? What would you ask?

Send your own question using #AskJuncker

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